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So there was some talk about change...

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

[Summer Newsletter, June 2023]

I watched something on TV several years ago where one of the characters said, “Every five years, you discover that everything you know is bullshit.”

And I felt that.

I mean, it was fiction, but I felt it.

And then I started looking back over my life and discovered that, yes, that statement (while abrupt and sorta cussy, which I sorta like) is pretty true. At least for me.

While I DO NOT believe that all of what I know is now crap…there’s lots of really good stuff in there after all…I DO believe that what I know transforms. If I stay open, aware, and in alignment with my integrity, then what I know and how I show up in the world need to have space to shift and grow.

And we’ve come to the end of one of those 5 year periods now. How I work with clients is shifting and growing. Exactly how those shifts will look remains to be seen, even to me. In a liminal space* like this, you can’t really see around the next corner. And that’s scary. And sorta exciting.

Regardless of the unknowingness of how things will shift, it’s clear that space needs to be allowed for that growth to happen. The Universe has been insisting on this space for several months and I, in true hu

man fashion, have been resisting. Because humans are short sighted, myopic. We don’t see the bigger themes developing. It’s only when we “pull focus” and take ourselves up to a bird’s eye view that we get it.

That’s when surrender can happen.

So I surrender. Hands in the air. “Fine, Universe, we’ll do it your way.” Therefore, space is being created in the form of a more contained schedule for the summer. Details below.

Though unsettling at times, growth is always a good thing for everyone involved. The last growth period brought Bowen to this practice. I’m excited to see what this growth will bring.

AND, I’m terribly curious…what is growing for YOU right now? Because it seems that huge growth and change is occurring with so many of my clients and so many in my little community. I would love to hear from you! Please reply and share! It’s entirely possible that you aren’t alone in your particular liminal space*.

*Liminal Space: that uncomfortable and sometimes eerie transitional space between what was and what will be. For physical examples of liminal space, think hallways, stairwells, doorways, bridges…the spaces between here and there.

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