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About Wendy

Wendy Freiwald

  • Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia 

  • Reiki Practitioner, trained with Suzy Wienckowski of The Reiki Alliance 

  • Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy, 700 Hour Program,


   Licenses and  Affiliations:

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I was born a Michigan girl and grew up loving horses, writing and drawing. After earning degrees in Ohio and Colorado, I landed in Ann Arbor and dabbled as a professional in academia when a major life change forced me to rethink my priorities and values. As a result, I enrolled in the Ann Arbor Institute for Massage Therapy in 2004. It was a great fit and I loved helping clients feel better.


A couple of cross-country moves and a couple of kids later, I landed back in Ann Arbor. I'm a Midwest girl at heart and was thrilled to be home. Within a year, I became aware of a beautiful private massage practice that needed a new owner and champion. I bought Every Body Massage Therapy from its dedicated but retiring owner at the end of 2013. The next five years were spent working with wonderful clients...who have really been my teachers.


Over the years, I have trained in different healing modalities, finding value in all. Bowenwork, however, is the one that resonates the most profoundly and works the best with what I believe we need right now; peeling off the layers of crud the world throws at us, helping us reset, restore, replenish and get back to our original selves. And so, I renamed and refocused my practice to specialize in just that. 

  • What Can I Expect for My First Session?
    A chance to become quiet within and focus on you. You’ll walk in the door and I’ll offer you a glass of water or tea. If you have already filled out your paperwork, you can relax while I look it over. If not, then you can take some time to fill it out in my waiting room. We’ll have a chat regarding your concerns, why you came in and your goals. Please feel free to be totally blunt with me. I’ve heard it all and I’ve experienced a bunch of it myself so there is no need to hold back if my knowledge can help your healing or establish our therapeutic relationship. After our consultation, I’ll show you to the table. You will have privacy to dress down to your level of comfort if not already there and climb under the covers. I will start the session with a brief series of “moves” or “muscle rolls”. This works best on bare skin but I can and do work through light clothing. I will ask your permission before I lift any clothing. I’ll then leave the space for a couple minutes to allow your body to process what we did without me watching you. I’ll return and start the process again. At the end of the session, you’ll have a longer rest on the table during which you’ll have time to fully relax. At the end, I’ll bring you some water, help you sit up and walk around a bit. You will have time to get dressed and we will have a brief chat before you leave. The entire first session should take between 1 ½ - 2 hours.
  • Before Your Session
    Please do not schedule any chiropractic, massage, acupuncture or other bodywork 3-4 days before your Bowen session. The messages your brain receives during these sessions should be allowed to process and your body should be allowed to adjust before receiving additional input from your Bowen session.
  • Day of Treatment
    Please wear loose, comfortable, non-slippery clothing such as shorts, pajama pants, and a loose t-shirt or tank top. Women may consider not wearing a bra as it can constrict lymph and energy flow. Tight yoga or running pants often don’t work too well. Please avoid strenuous exercise, yoga, tai chi, etc. on the day of your session. Walking and stretching is fine. Depending upon the work you receive, I may encourage you to avoid sitting for over 30 minutes at a time after your session…to avoid reinforcing previous strain patterns. Please avoid using ice packs or electric heating pads. Moist heat, like those microwaveable things, are fine. Please drink extra water.
  • During The Following Week
    Please avoid all other forms of bodywork (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, energy work, magnets, etc.) for 3-4 days to allow Bowen to process effectively. Changes can take place for several days after a session and any other input can interrupt the process. You’ve made an investment in your health, you are worth giving yourself the time to honor the process. Please drink lots of water (8-12 8-oz glasses a day) unless your physician has told you it is unsafe for your medical condition. Please avoid ice packs and electric heating pads. Try to take a walk each day. It will help re-set tension patterns. Go ahead and return to your exercise routine, being mindful of how you're using your body. If you feel grumpy, very tired, queasy, crampy, random pains, old injuries resurfacing, etc. please know that this may be a temporary response to the work. Aside from jump-starting your body’s self-healing response, Bowenwork can initiate a detoxifying process and old prescription drugs, anesthesia, treatment drugs, etc. stored in your tissues can begin to be released. Sometimes this makes you feel yucky. Extra water, a walk and time will help these feelings pass. Remember, you are releasing what no longer serves you. Practice any “homework movements” I may have suggested. If you get stuck or forget how to do it, give me a call!
  • Follow Up
    Return in 7-10 days to reinforce the work you received and stabilize the new patterns you are setting. We can talk about further work and personal goals for your wellness. Once your initial concern is resolved, or on its way to being resolved, consider scheduling 4-6 week maintenance sessions. This can help insure the new balance you have achieved and deal with general life stress and the mini-injuries that come our way by simply living life. Remember that we all heal at our own pace. If you have been coping with a concern for a long time, it may take a few sessions for your body to unwind, release any restrictions and recognize that it can relax. Have patience with your own path and remember to take note of “what is different”. You are worth it!
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