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Research in Fascia and Bowenwork

Below are websites, articles and videos for anatomy nerds or the casually curious. With all the advancements in fascial research, this page will be changing often!



Bowen and Concussion, in Sports Illustrated Online, November 21, 2011

Alternative therapy shows promise for faster and more complete healing from concussions

Bowen and Migraines, in Massage Therapy Journal, Fall 2015 and International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, March 2016

Bowen for Migraine Relief

Bowen and Parkinson's, in Living Now, Australia's Largest Holistic Magazine, June 2016

The Parkinson's Dilemma

excerpt: "Bodywork is an important aspect of the recovery process. Many therapists see rigid muscles as a challenge to be tackled aggressively and ‘made to behave’. In my experience, this is counter-productive. Very gentle bodywork helps to ‘encourage’ muscles to resume more normal motion and flexibility. During 1999 and 2000, I conducted an informal trial of aqua hydration formulas and bodywork combinations. Therapies included craniosacral therapy, remedial massage, Feldenkrais, reflexology and Bowen therapy. Over a period of 18 months, I observed that those using Bowen therapy made better progress. Later research revealed that Bowen therapy, in fact, assists in the rehydration process by changing the viscosity of the fascia."


Fascia Magnified 25x. By fascia researcher Dr. Jean Claude Guimbarteau
Fantastic video of living fascia, shows what we're working with here! (3 min)

Gil Hedley Fascia and Stretching, The Fuzz Speech

Great, brief, non-technical video on the habits of fascia and how that applies to our daily round and movements. (5 min)

The Mysterious World Under the Skin:

A documentary on the fascinating fascial system. (42 min)

David Lesondak, Fascia: What It Is and Why It Matters

Interview with the author on his research and findings. (55 min)

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