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The FeelBetter Blog: Pain, Healing and Learning How to Human

So this is the blog. But it’s no big deal.

I like to pre-qualify things when there may be an element of personal [er, egoic] risk involved. Take expectations down a notch. Like, “here it is, don’t get your hopes up.” [hmmm, perhaps that's a part of myself I may want to explore in more depth one day].

That said, the content on this blog has been a couple decades in the making, knocking around in my head and my heart. AND it wasn't until a few weeks ago that things fell into place enough for it to come into being. Life is funny that way.

The Stuff of Life: Body Pain, Nervous System Overwhelm, Soul Discomfort, Finding Joy, Creating You

Writing a blog that lives on a bodywork business website sort of implies that you’re going to talk primarily about the body. Or pain. Or pain in the body.

[picture writer sadly shaking her head]

Nope. Sorry. Here, we’re also going to talk about Life. Not just Bowen, muscles, fascia or pain. Because our bodies are not just bodies, separate from everything else in our sphere. Our physical bodies are conjoined and swirled around and within our emotions, our spirit, our mindset and our experiences…just as fascia is woven throughout our entire organism.

Don’t be alarmed, we’ll talk about the physical stuff too. There’ll be self-care shares; book recommendations; personal discoveries in the world of Bowen and Fascial therapies and thoughts on maintaining health and wellbeing. We'll cover a lot of stuff because Life has a lot of facets. And we don't know all there is to know about, well, anything. And this is a safe place to start figuring it out.

So, welcome to The Blog of Not Knowing. The Blog of Discovery. The Blog of “Let’s Figure This Shit Out Together.” [This is where I should tell you that a) this writer prefers the irreverent, b) this writer occasionally gets a little cussy, and c) “informal” is the order of the day.]

Bodywork Expert Status Statement

Writing a blog that lives on a bodywork business website also sort of implies that you know what you’re talking about. That you’re at least a partial expert in your area. And though I’ve been working with humans in life and on a massage table professionally for 18 years, I’m not sure I’ll ever be an expert. There’s too much to learn before expert status is obtained. Frankly, if I ever consider myself an expert, it’ll be time to quit.

Not much of a sell, huh? [insert smirky emoji here]'s a good thing for you, my Love. Because I'm just as much in the trenches as you... living it, feeling it and learning from it. There's no ivory tower status here. I'm just, perhaps, a few steps ahead on the journey. And I'm the sort that is compelled to learn and grow so I can offer my hand to those a few steps behind and pull them up.

Grab my hand. I won't let go.

Bottom Line

YOU are an amazing being. And, if you've found this post, you may not feel that way right now...that's okay. You will. My job is to hold that space for you, believe enough FOR you, while we figure it out. Eventually, you'll believe it for yourself.

So, sit back, grab a cuppa. Add a nip if you need to. Let’s pretend there are no finite answers [because there aren’t]. Let’s pretend that we’re magick and made of stardust [because we are]. And let us know that anything is possible [because it is]. You can heal. You can live a beautiful life.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Wendy. I began my professional adult life as an online curriculum developer for a corporate training company in 2000 and realized darn fast that it was not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Fast forward through two decades, some Hard Things and Life Lessons and you’ve got a woman (she/her) with 18 years of experience in the bodywork industry (Massage, Reiki, Bowenwork) and 48 years of experience in life. I practice Bowenwork in my home office on my sesquicentennial farm in Lodi Township, Michigan. I love animals, plants, old things and helping others uncover their authentic selves.

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