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Bowenwork in Ann Arbor, MI

   you don't have to hurt anymore   

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Tried everything? Maybe massage, chiropractic or physical therapy have "sort of worked" or worked for a while...and then the joint pain came back. Your doctor finally shrugged and labeled your back or hip problem as myofascial pain syndrome. Possibly, your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis and you're considering a brace or surgery. Or perhaps you've been told "you're a parent/aging/an athlete/a musician/a teacher/trying to get pregnant, of course you're going to have aches, pains and stress".


You really don't have to. 

The world adds a lot of layers of stuff to a human being. Injuries. Repetitive strain. Stress. Unbalance. Anxiety. Your body tries to do it's best for you, it really does. And your body is really great at healing.


And sometimes you need a little help. 


Every Body Heals uses Bowenwork to stimulate your autonomic nervous and fascial systems to reset tension patterns. Would you like to release restriction, jump-start your injury-healing process, decrease your fight-or-flight response and assist your body at peeling off all those layers of stuff? Read on, my friend.

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Father and son playing on the beach at t

Release pain, restriction and tension by re-balancing the body with a gentle approach.

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Freedo


Return to a freer, calmer and more grounded you.

Holding Hands
Focus on You​


Experience a thorough consult and session with a caring and knowledgeable therapist in a cozy environment


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