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Office Policies During COVID *Updated 7/17/2021*

Masks: Masks are optional if you are fully vaccinated and required if you are not. This is to help keep you safe. The practitioner (and her family) is fully vaccinated and will still be wearing a mask in-office.

Capacity of Office: Capacity is limited to two people, including the practitioner, in the office at a time. The only exception is a double session with two people FROM THE SAME HOUSEHOLD (living under the same roof) or a parent accompanying a younger client. 

Hygiene: Hands must be sanitized before entering the office and upon leaving. The practitioner will wash and sanitize hands before and after each session and sanitize periodically throughout the session. Tissue boxes will be conveniently placed. Please cough or sneeze into a tissue, if possible, and sanitize hands afterwards.

Special Requests: Please share any special hygiene or sanitizing requests (i.e. gloves) the day before arriving at your session.

Illness and Cancellation: There will be no penalty for same-day cancellations if the client or practitioner is feeling ill. Sessions will be canceled without penalty or delayed until the individual is cleared of risk…

  • If symptoms of coagulopathy are present (anti-coagulant being used, heart and respiratory rate impeded, new pattern of muscle aches and pain, new skin rashes or marks).

  • If COVID-like symptoms are present (respiratory or flu symptoms, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, chills, new loss of taste or smell) and there is a temperature of 100 degrees or above.

  • If there has been an exposure to someone with COVID-like symptoms in the past 14 days.

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